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Why biogas in Tanzania?

  • Around 100 million households are living in the rural areas in Africa.
  • Half of those possess livestock that provide the input material for biogasproduction.
  • Only 7,5 % of the rural population in sub-Saharan Africa has access to electricity.
  • Declining availability of firewood and charcoal.
  • More time spend collecting cooking fuel.
  • Cost of charcoal increasing dramatically.
  • Charcoal burning leads to desertification.
  • Smoke in the kitchen kills millions of women and children each year.
  • Emission of greenhouse gasses CO2  and methane into the atmosphere leads to global warming.
  • Global warming, because of emissions of greenhouse gasses, means that dry areas are getting drier and wet areas getting wetter.
  • Tropical forests absorbs 5 billion tonnes CO2  annually. This is put at risk by charcoal- and meat production.
  • Tanzania consumes 1 million tonnes charcoal annually, half of it in the capital Dar es Salaam.
  • The economy in the charcoal trade in Tanzania is 6 times bigger that the total value of the coffee- and tea production.
  • Charcoal burning is destructive for any sustainable development in Tanzania.
  • Population growth accellerates the problem with emissions of greenhouse gasses and lack of domestic fuels and energy.
  • Zanzibar: 1968 300.000,- 2005 1,2 million.
  • Globally: 1700, 640 million,- 1800, 950 million,- 1900, 1.65 billion,- 2005, 6.07 billion,- 2050, 9 billion.


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